BIG DATA – 2015

Visualization of big data about how diffrent social groups are represented on Swedish TV.

The visualization’s is a result of a school project, where the brief where to make a visualization of a large amount of data from a study that our teacher Peter Jakobsson is doing. The study is done by analysing data from a year of studying different aspects of swedish television, where two paramaters in the study was in what amount different social groups are represented on Swedish TV, and what gender they belonged to.

I wanted to visualise this data in a way that was both visually pleasing and in a way that was directly linked to the data itself in the way they are made, but also that you’d  be able to decipher them by knowing what the different elements represents.

Which is why i Used a program called NodeBox to actually Code the graphics into a piece of generative art, which makes the graphics a direct response to the Data entered into the code.


the visualisations are meant to be viewed all three side by side so you can compare the different social groups influence in Swedish TV. In each Visualisation there is three different colours, each representing a different thing. The red color represents men, the blue women, and the black is the total amount of men and women put together.

Each point or anchor point represents one person (the black line is the total amount of blue and red dots put together and linked), so with this information with all the posters beside each other you can quickly determine that the middle class (labeled by the number 2)  is much more represented in tv than the working class (labeled by the number 1)  just by seeing the density in the middle class poster, and that the gender spread is fairly equal in all the different social classes.